Casino News: Las Vegas accused of spreading virus

Las Vegas and Sin City casinos in the eye of the storm. According to research by “ProPublica” (a non-profit association that investigates abuses of power), the spread of the virus in the United States is largely attributable to the city of sin and its gambling halls. A very controversial theory based on cell phone tracking. But many things don’t convince. 

The tracking theory

As if Las Vegas had few problems and the same goes for its casinos, here’s yet another push to the city. This time it comes from ProPublica . The Non- Profit association has published a report highlighting possible spread of Covid-19 within Sin City casinos : cases that would then lead to the rise in cases across the nation. All based on the tracking of cell phones of people who then tested positive and who largely seem to have contracted the virus in the city . The data appears to have been analyzed by two specialized companies.

The strip in Las Vegas

While Las Vegas casinos were closed in May, cell phone data showed that the vast majority of these devices remained concentrated in the country’s southwestern region . The device count in Las Vegas doubled in June , however, after Nevada casinos were able to reopen on June 4 . Travel to and from major cities in the Midwest and East Coast also increased. In July, the data revealed that there were significant trips to and from Las Vegas in every state in the continental United States.

The tracking of every single person

Also according to the report in question, on Las Vegas and its casinos, explains that the spread of viruses has regained momentum after the reopening of the casinos. If on the one hand this is undeniable that there has been a resurgence of infections in Sin City, on the other hand we feel in doubt of confirming that it was necessarily the casinos. They may be people who were positive before arriving in Sin City, or they may have contracted Covid-19 while traveling.

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Recall that it becomes almost impossible to establish some sort of case tracking, if a person becomes infected during a journey, for example by train or bus. Above all, go back to the people who were with him and possibly put them in quarantine waiting to understand if they in turn contracted the virus . Therefore a relationship that could also be interesting that of Propublica , but which risks making water in many places.

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The strict casino protocols

In Las Vegas , the Casinos after 78 days of Lockdwon, returned to life on June 4th . But with strict and rigid rules, dictated by the Nevada gaming commission . Key points on the health of players, customers and workers, which no casino can fail. First of all, there was a reduction in the capacity of players inside the rooms. Tables “cappati” , or with a maximum of players for each single game. The obligation to wear a mask in every place of the gambling halls and annexed hotels.

Continuous sanitization of the game tables, the relaxation and leisure area and the areas reserved for catering. Finally, as for example in live poker for some casinos, the implementation of Plexiglas panels between one seat and another at the table to further reduce the risk of spreading the infection . In short, a thousand attention that goes to disintegrate many arguments of a report that shows many gaps.

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